Jamie Cook was raised amid the rich history of the Deep South in Atlanta, Georgia. He began his formal art training at Georgia State University where he majored in Fine Art and Photography. During this time he met John McWilliams, a photography professor who encouraged him to explore his inherent talents. Following college he began his career as a professional advertising photographer. Cook was highly recognized for his photography during his many years in advertising. Regarded as one of the premier advertising photographers in the Southeast region, he was sought after for his conceptual studio still life and location photography. Boasting a list of high-profile clients including Cola-Cola, The Ritz Carlton Hotels and Wrangler Jeans, he has been awarded best photographer recognition by Adweek Magazine four times over the last several years.

Having formed an early enthusiasm for computers, Cook now combines his photography with digital imaging to create Fine Art Iris giclée prints. Cook has been heralded for creating a new approach to digitally enhanced photography. Donald Keyes, Curator of Paintings at the Georgia Museum of Art wrote, “Jamie Cook combines his artistic sensibility with his commercial work in a way that challenges the definition of art. The combination presents a powerful challenge to the viewer, whose basic concept of photography, not to mention art, is left shaken”.

Like most artists, Cook loves the freedom his craft provides. Incorporating his love for travel he will shoot various places during his journeys in hopes of capturing the spirit of his subject. Upon returning to his studio he will spend time working on his computer manipulating the image to incorporate the feelings of the places he has visited. Often working with soft antique sepia tones, his images depict the serenity of the surroundings he has encountered. Drawn by the beauty and grandeur of a single object, whether it is a bridge, a fountain, a tunnel or a river, Cook will investigate all angles of the scene. This intense exploration has taught him to see things that others do not. Using a 35mm camera, Cook brings a unique perspective to these captivating landmarks. His peaceful compositions invite the viewer into a world where time ceases to exist and we are left to imagine for ourselves the circumstance that has brought us to this place.

Jamie Cook has participated in numerous shows and exhibitions including: 

·      Explorations in Photographic Art & Technology by The Atlanta Photography Group

·      To See a World by the Georgia Museum of Art at the University of Georgia

·      The Art of Photography by the Gwinnett Council for the Arts

He has also had the honor of being the recipient of numerous awards in many different categories from photography to advertising and commercial film directing. Cook continues to explore various photographic techniques, captivating the world with his art and his imagination.